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  • Camille Jourdain's Twitter Tour de France country email list

    While waiting for the real Tour de France in 3 months, Camille Jourdain, social web consultant of the eponymous blog offers us a Twitter Tour de France.

    Launched on April 22, Le Tour de France de Twitter is an original concept that highlights the use of Twitter in the regions and cities of France. As Camille country email list says, it's “an country email list for you to get to know tweeters in your region and learn more about their use of the network”. Some stage cities have already been announced: Lyon, Mulhouse, Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Tours, Mulhouse, Toulouse, Marseille...

    The first guest of this tour of France was Christophe Ramel ( already interviewed in Twitter Thursdays ), influential blogger from Lyon. Subsequently, other leading figures on the web took part in the adventure, such as Benjamin country email list from Mulhouse , Eric Delcroix from Lille , Flavien Chantrel from Rennes and Simon Robic from Nantes .

    Too often, Twitter is described as a social network mainly used country email list a Parisian elite. With this Tour de France, we can therefore see that it is also firmly rooted in the French regions, and that there is a real regional dynamic . We look forward to the next steps..

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