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  • Large Companies Phone Number List Like Google Dedicate

    Part of the working day to recreational activities that encourage the Phone number list creation of new ideas. Communication improvement. Both internally within a department and at the different levels of a company's structure, communication is essential for the proper functioning of the whole. Introduction of new dynamics. Developing the growth of the employee and the company in general through innovation is always a guarantee Phone number list of success. Development of specific skills. Gamification helps each member of a team develop and strengthen innate abilities. Improvement of the brand image.

    This improvement does not have to be only towards Phone number list potential clients, but it is also beneficial to work on it with the employees themselves. Knowing the characteristics of the company and perceiving its values ​​will help them feel more involved. The most common mistakes of gamification in companies Despite the fact that the human being is positively predisposed to play and identifies it as something attractive in a natural way, it is necessary to avoid certain errors that can make this methodology fail. Among the most common mistakes is the fact that efforts Phone number list focused on the game and not on attempts to make people acquire and internalize knowledge: "Sometimes games with complex rules are proposed and this misleads the user of the objective we want address, which is to learn”, sentences the pedagogue. Another mistake is forgetting that "you must always keep in mind the interlocutor in the game and pay attention to their motivations, their digital skills, etc.

    " In addition, it is important to bear in mind that gamification cannot be Phone number list turned into pure competition because, in this case, the main objective – learning – would be ignored: the user is intended to “get hooked and learn, not just win ”. The promotion of competitiveness should be avoided, since we Phone number list would be achieving the opposite objective. As for the drawbacks of the methodology, Gordillo only finds one: "If it is implemented correctly, a gamification project has no drawbacks except that it generates a desire for more ... in a positive way, of course." In short, business gamification can be the tool that your company needs to be more united, better trained and continue on the path to success .