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The birth of the forum

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  • The birth of the forum

    The birth of the forum
    20 March 2021, 15:05
    Greetings to everyone who is not here))) Today I started working on a new forum, but on an engine familiar to me.
    I decided to open it on my wife's birthday and our wedding.

    The forum is still naked, like a newborn baby doll, it does not even crawl yet, but lies in swaddling clothes
    The content will be different, since I am a versatile person, and I do different things at the same time.
    There is not enough information for business, and if you find it, then you forget where you found it. That's why. I will keep everything I need for myself here. Perhaps this necessary thing will be useful to you, and perhaps you will also want to put something you need here. to come in and see the information at any time.

    If you need any section, then write where and what to add ... you can even in this thread.